Commit 275a9cb3 authored by Felix Flor's avatar Felix Flor

update readme for new --console-full output

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......@@ -100,15 +100,9 @@ available options
performs a full output on your console. for every found function, constant or class
it prints you our a lines like this:
MODUL "pcntl" NOT INSTALLED [ Function "pcntl_wait" found in file testanalysefile.php in Row 9
MODUL "sockets" INSTALLED [ Function "socket_create" found in file subdir/testanalysefilesubdir.php in Row 9
MODUL "sysvmsg" NOT INSTALLED [ Function "msg_set_queue" found in file subdir/subsubdir/testanalysesubsubdir.php in Row 9
this can help you to analyse a specific part of a project or a module you want to load
into the project.
performs the same check as the --console-basic but gives you a full list of modules
you need for your project. For a better overview the list marks all results in green
and red. green it the module is installed and red if it't not.
--testfile [--testfile <TEMPLATE>]
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